Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Come Window Shopping With Me

Do you have shops that you just don't allow yourself into because you know you will desire everything? I have several! I literally "Window" shop those ones. I walk past, neck strained as much as possible to the side walking like a clown (but a clown pushing a pram) in slow motion to see what's inside. 

Well now I stumbled.. OK not really... I purposefully searched out a website that I knew would be like those stores. I told myself it would be like window shopping but from the comfort of my own home- lies I tell myself. Say hello to Anthropologie!

So I went to my friends house on the weekend and she had some gorgeous dishtowels- and I mean gorgeous! I was tempted to hide them away in my bag for my house but I'm pretty sure she would have known it was me by the fact that I was extremely vocal over my love of them and the sudden disappearance of said towel. oh phooey.  

But really??!! Can you blame me? Look!

Since when did dishtowels become so yummy??!! How did I miss this memo? 

And no, these are not dresses.... They are aprons!! Wow!!

White measuring cups? No thanks- Hello colours, hello fun!

I take comfort in knowing this shop is not in Australia... shh don't tell me they ship. I am remaining oblivious on purpose. 

Oh no... they even have knobs! I have been looking everywhere for these!! 


Thanks for coming window shopping with me! 


Original source of all the photos:
Kitchen Anthropologie

*Not a sponsored post- just in love with their stuff!