Sunday, April 15, 2012

City Retreat

For the first time since having our second baby, David and I had a mini us-only retreat! We left our babies (gulp!) with the very capable and much loved Auntie Courtney ("Auntie Hourtney" says Milla)  and headed to the city centre for a couple of nights.

I live in a very beautiful city and I took lots of photos! 

I live here, stunning. 
This was what we were doing while we waited for our reservation at Jamie Oliver's Italian Restaurant!! (OH MY!!! Spoilt!)  

Yup, I love my city. This was earlier in the day after we walked though the botanical gardens and along past Lady Macquarie's Chair. Moments later we peered over the side to see two scuba divers surfacing. Not sure what they were looking for, so I'm going to assume it was for buried treasure (National Treasure style) 

See... Me. Ta-Dah!!! Not sure why it wants to be smaller.

More Photos of our adventures to come! It will be live a virtual tour of Sydney. (Hopefully it will make some of my overseas friends home sick and you'll all come back! Heather, Lauren, Beka...girls! I miss you all!!!)