Monday, April 16, 2012

City Adventures

Out and about Sydney on our mini retreat I had a few hours to myself. So I wandered around to all my favourite stores and locations, had Starbucks and Pad Thai. It was ultra refreshing to have some space, quiet and "me" time.  For a few hours I actually forgot about all the mummy things I needed to think about and just enjoyed taking photos of everything that I thought was beautiful.

So here are a couple more photos of my day...  

Hello! Tiffany & Co. They wouldn't let me take a photo of the ring that I fell head over heals in love with but, oh was it gorgeous!! and only $28,000 *Gasp!!*

I thought these ladies were hilarious! Where would you proudly display that in your house??

St Mary's Cathedral. Stunning and as always on a Saturday morning the bells were ringing, a wedding was happening.

The Rocks Markets. Follow this little walkway through the markets till you're under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

See, the bottom of the Harbour Bridge. Pretty cool. 
Oh and I love- LOVE the lamp posts!!