Friday, April 27, 2012

Castle Birthday Cake

I had a phone call last week from one of my Besties, except when I answered the call it wasn't her... it was her little girl. Her birthday was coming up and I knew there was only one thing that she would be calling about "Can you make me a castle cake from the cake book please?"... How could I resist such a cutie-pie??!

The recipe (2 pages long) states at the beginning... Not difficult, just time consuming.  Gulp- No pressure. It was correct tho, it wasn't difficult just hours and hours consuming. All of a sudden it was midnight, I was done!!... and everyone was asleep!! No one to admire my Castle! 

So this is how she slept... in a 50litre container!!

 Knock Knock! Can we come visit Tinkerb... um Pink fairy? 
Lollipop mushrooms? yum yum!

Gummy bear garden

Have a great birthday beautiful!!... and sorry about the upcoming sugar high mummy!!! haha!