Saturday, March 24, 2012

Where you sit to contemplate life.

Duck Egg Blue. I am in love with Duck Egg Blue! "Love" may be the biggest understatement of the year.   

Yes. L.O. to the V. E it.

So I did this....
As always, I rushed ahead of myself and didn't take any before photos, so picture in your head this room a creamy colour similar to the door frame that I haven't changed to white yet on the top left of this photo. Picture scratches, marks and unloved walls that hadn't been painted since who knows when.  Picture the most hideous creamy yellow toilet roll holder monstrosity. I changed the loo roll holder to a sleek and stylish Chrome one, and extra paper and scrubber to chrome too- sweet! much better.  (Colour is a little washed out by flash) 

Now picture the serenity that is Duck Egg Blue walls with white trims and white decorations. One day there will be white tiles instead of the pinky cream, but that's for another days work. 

This mirror I got from the Salvo's (Charity shop) for $8! It was originally Gold with black flecks through it.  The vase and frame are from Salvo's too. LOVE from a very old "Boggle" game and the Babushka is from my kitchen- it's actually measuring cups!! Re purposed to decorations. 

I put the mirror behind the toilet because, well, no one really needs to see themselves while on the loo! And also this is perfect for that last minute teeth check for guests, "Anything in my teeth? No, hair still looks decent? great" and out you go back into the world confident knowing that there is no spinach in your teeth! 

It's so hard to capture this tiny little space. I loved the colour so much that I kept going and did the laundry/pantry area walls too!! It brings the two areas together and unifies the space. They flow together so peacefully. (Can you tell I'm in love? *swoon!*)  This photo is probably the closest to the actual colour.

"Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."
What you'll look at while sitting and contemplating the world. Compassion calendar, frame and above the door out of short people little children's reach, cleaning products/spray 
(Photo is edited darker so you can see the words better, very easy in real life but hard to capture)

I heart Duck Egg Blue xx