Monday, March 19, 2012

Turf Photos

As promised! Here are the photos of my biggest loser laying turf adventure...

Dumping the top soil

My helper Princess Milla

Just a refresher... This is what it looked like before. A row of hedges along the neighbours wall (left) and two rows of hedges heading from the neighbours wall to our pathway with a pointless weed gathering section between the two. (I had just taken the first bush out before I remembered the before photo)

*Insert hours of rain, mud, sweat, shovel loads and loads*
Big breath... 

Ta -Da! New grass area!! Milla striking a pose? I don't know, she just wouldn't move. 
I love it, it feels heaps more open and spacious to walk down the pathway, we no longer need to squeeze past the electricity box and the hedge to get to the front door. Brilliant!

1. After the hedges were pulled out, garden bed forming.
2. Turf finished and garden bed edges done... Next is some pretty plants!! 

Sorry, No photos of us covered in mud doing the turfing. There was no one around to take photos of us and well, being covered in mud I couldn't touch the camera. So you'll just have to imagine it! (Feel free to imagine me with lush wavy hair and perfect makeup with Launa Jane fitness gear on, standing in front of the fan, delicately moving the dirt soil with grace and poise. OK?)