Monday, March 5, 2012

Sleepy Owl on Etsy

Four of my cute little sleepy owls are up on Etsy! Click here to see them!! I am a little proud to show them off. Two yellow and two teal are available for now, with a few white ones to come. 

To see my little Newly Antique Etsy shop clickity-click on this photo 


In other news... Ha! I have my 365 notebook out and am frantically scribbling ideas. Our wireless internet router has moved, from Phoenix's room to the kitchen... My kitchen! On the bench! Na-ha no way will that live there, I spend all day trying to clear the toys away, the lunches away, the dinner away, the paper away, the clutter away, the everything that gathers on the nearest flat spot away. 

So I am trying to decide what kind of cupboard or containment or shelf or something that can keep it out of the reach of Phoenix' investigating fingers. I sense a trip to the hardware shop coming up real soon!