Thursday, March 8, 2012

Saw Dust Typing

11:20pm and I have just sat down for the day. I have done 4 trips to the hardware shop, one trip to Preschool, one to the dentist and one to the fish and chips shop... cause there was no way I could fit in cooking tonight. My kitchen is a shambles with power tools and bits and gear all over it, saw dust in every nook and cranny.

I'm on a mission to solve our Internet problem. It cannot and shall not live on my kitchen bench, so my solution? Build a cupboard under the bench. But there's already ones there you say?... or I imagine you say. No, no, not that side! The other side where you could put stool seating it you wanted, but we never would. 

I have my imagination running wild about how to make this elusive cupboard that could shelve the router at one end and who knows what else: craft supplies? cereal boxes? spice racks? not sure yet. Out came my trusty tape measure and note pad and scribble scribble scribble - oh yeah that'll work, great! Off to the hardware shop... No planks the right thickness, width or length. hmm... what to do? what to do? 

Adjust the plan and adjust the planks! Instead of two doors now there's three. No 10cm wide planks? (Really!?! They had 90mm or 140mm??!! really really?? OK breathe) I did what any overly motivated, limited skilled but willing handy-woman would do. Jigsaw everything to the right size! So yes everything has a slight "original, one of a kind" feel to it, but it works and more importantly it fits.

I've left it at lock up stage. Ha! The doors are on but it's not painted or sanded and no shelves yet. I've taken photos of the progress so far... But! You'll have to wait! because I can hear my bed calling... Goodnight lovelies!!!