Thursday, March 15, 2012

Project Personalised Pallet Wood Toy Crate / Box

Fresh out of cupboard-building-land I got inspired to build something with my pallet wood. I originally had the pallet wood lengths laid out in the front yard to mark off where I want to put my new garden bed but then I moved some treated pine logs from the back yard to make the garden bed so I got my pallet wood back.

My hands were itching to make something, something practical. I love wooden crates, they just look so cute! So here's my version of: 

Pallet wood Toy Crate / Toy Box

Freshly built, still needing a sand.

Yellow... Dandelion yellow 

Added some rickety stencilled letters

Tonka sized truck and a big "Woody" Teddy testing it out for me

The other side... I love the little chippy slither that's missing from the side. I was originally going to use a different piece of wood for there but I loved the rustic look of this one. 

Here is where it lives for the moment.

Filled with baby/toddler toys for now. It may migrate to Phoenix's room eventually, once they stop needing toys in the lounge room.

It is so sturdy, bright and fun, I am very in love with this project! No doubt I'll be making more.
Keep an eye on Etsy If your interested in one xx 

Have a dandelion yellow day!!