Saturday, March 31, 2012

Project: Pallet Wood Baby Walker / Cart

It was baking week this week, I made cupcakes and pulla and scones and cheese platters and all things high tea/Baby shower. But in the midst of the hot oven and delicious smells I had a little project on the go. I have been wanting to show off this little cutie-pie for a couple of days now but couldn't! It was a gift for my beautiful friend so I couldn't reveal it before it's due time.

 Made from pallet wood, dowel and thin pine is my baby shower gift...

Pallet wood Baby Walker/ Cart. 
Isn't it cute!!??

 It's the perfect height for a 1/2 year old and up. Both my kids tested out its durability and it stood up to the test... Phew!

A cute little touch. Baby boy's sweet ride has security installed. Ha! I thought it was funny.

Baby Boys last name painted and birth year stamped onto both the sides to personalise it. 

Inside the cart was two hard cover kiddy books and a bouncy ball. I was going to do some alphabet blocks but ran out of time, however I still have my thoughts on doing them... hmm. Maybe for his birth!

I love baby showers, they are one of my favourite things to go to and even more, to host. I love that the girlfriends can all get together and enjoy each others company, eat lots of yummy "sometimes" food and bless our friend -who deserves way more for growing a baby!- with some gifts. 

Love it!