Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Project: Dry Chalkboard Duster

I now have several chalk boards around the house, my pallet wood frame and the cupboards that I just finished the other day for example. Chalkboard painted items, I think, clean better by using a dry duster or face cloth. I tried wetting the cloth and wiping it down but it just tended to smudge around the chalk and plus it took longer! I need to quickly wipe down and write my reminders and then keep moving, no fuss.

I had a washer that sat there waiting to be used but, you know me, that just didn't look pretty enough. Out came Sapphire and the brain storming began...

What I used: 
Cube of foam (from the Couch I modified)
Old face washer cloth
Random piece of fabric for a hanging loop

I used the densest part of the couch foam. I guess cut about 6cm x 10cm size

Face cloth and I wrapped the foam first in a thin fabric that I cannot for the life of me think of what it's name is right now... oh man! It's the thin stuff you put between layers of fabric. Ha! - very optional, I did because I had some on hand.

This is what my life looks like while I'm being crafty. Paint drying on the blue drop sheet. Phoenix wandering around eating his apple and Milla telling me lots and lots of things repeatedly. They say women have something like 50 000 words to use a day... well I'm pretty sure 3 year olds have 1 Million! - And all the Mums said? Amen sista!

Sew, sew, sew turn it the right way out and Ta-da a Dry chalkboard duster.
I tried to put it with my frame but it couldn't sit anywhere so I had to add a loop...

Hanging by a loop. This would look good in all sorts of colours


The rest of my day looked like mummy's gumboots on little legs and jumping on the trampoline.

Have a colourful day!!