Sunday, March 11, 2012

Project: Cupboard Complete

Flat packs eat your heart out! I just finished making by hand a custom cupboard. I needed to hide the Internet router, it couldn't live on my kitchen bench any longer (I wont rant here today, I did that the other day). Off I went to the hardware shop in my cute new shoes and picked up some Pine, lots of jigsawing and sanding and drilling later... I finished! 

Before, just to refresh your memory. 

The sketch of my idea, before it morphed from 2 doors to 3 doors.

OK big breath... 

All done!  
Things to note: I have the intention to change the kitchen colour to white, just finding the right paint for job and finding the time. So picture the rest of the kitchen white ok?

3 Chalkboard Doors

Inside door two (middle) and three. Door two is the coffee shelves, for mugs coffee pods and tea. Door three is for breakfast cereals (I used the standard measurement... you know, two cornflakes boxes high) 

Door one. The most important: Router storage. A little messy right now, waiting for the electrician to come tomorrow to fit my power point in the cupboard so I can get rid of the extension cords.

Cute little legs

Before I took to it with chalk. No my kids don't know yet that they can also draw on it! Ha!



I have itchy fingers now... Whats next? This is done, time to move on!!

Happy building!