Thursday, March 8, 2012

Project: Build A Cupboard Part One

As promised here are the photos of the Router cupboard so far! There is still a lot of work to do to finish it off but I am super excited that it's started! The plans that I am working from are... in my head. I'm kind of winging it, hoping it turns out how I am imagining it. So far-so good. 

Before! The mess is an extra bonus. I had the choice to do the dishes or build- I chose to build obviously! Who would choose dishes?? ha! See that mess of yellow cords and white boxes on the floor? That is what I am trying to hide. 

Mess mess glorious mess

Frame and one door, behind that door is going to be a power point and all the Internet stuff

Door two, behind that door is... well I haven't decided yet!! But probably the Nespresso pods and possibly cereal boxes so the kids can learn to get their own breakfast soon. 

Door three! and Milla...erm sorry, Snow White is making a snack. 
(The first cupboard is a smidgen open because I just tucked the extension cord over the top of the door into where the Router is sitting. Gotta wait till next week for my electrician, till then the extension cord will remain)

Next is to add an extra layer to the doors to make them a smidgen thicker install a shelf into all three cupboards and then get my trust electrician in to finish the electrical side of things (I have already drilled a big hole where the new power point is to go inside the cupboard) and then paint! 

Oh la la I cannot wait to paint it all up! 

So there you have it, part one of Project: Build a (Router) cupboard.