Friday, March 2, 2012

Project: Barbie clothes

Well, it's raining- again! I'm almost tired of saying that all the time, but seriously it just never seems to stop raining at the moment. At least now we are in Autumn so it makes sense to have lots of rainy days.

Sapphire is back! Back baby back!!! 

Vintage sewing machine just calls for vintage pants and antique mini table. I was stuck at home today with only a few scraps of material to work with, so I grabbed a few old shirts that were headed to the bin and up-cycled them into Barbie/Ken clothes. 

Barbie and Ken pre-makeover. Ken, although very ripped, lean, muscle-licious, toned looking was in desperate need of some shirts. It is quite hard to find Ken clothes without having to buy a new Ken doll. Barbies dress (not made by me) is a disaster. 

As with all sewing adventures, I am just figuring this out as I go, so no tutorials or how-to's to explain how its done because, well, I don't think I will remember how I did do it! 

Black polka dot number for Barbie. 

Knee length and 3/4 length arms, with a little tie-up belt. Unfortunately because I don't have any snaps or mini velcro I had to make the dress large enough to go over her head, hence the need for a tie up belt and a trip to the fabric store very soon... (I only had brown thread for all my sewing today) 

Ken, we went with the city-shabby vintage stretch deep V. Good thing Ken waxed recently ha!

His and Hers

Barbie is ready for an Audrey Hepburn up-do and white clutch instead of her Buzz Lightyear sunnies. Ken is ready for a surf, I also made Ken another shirt that's...well looser... and canvas. It has no stretch to it at all so is very boxy.  

I had lots of fun doing these, one day I should try and find a pattern to follow so I can perfect the basics to make bigger clothes! Fun!