Friday, March 9, 2012

My New Ink...

Well once again here I am, 10pm and covered in paint splatters. Reminds me of my very first blog post where it all started with paint splattered hands from making over my chest of drawers. On a spur and a whim I decided to blog and boy-o-boy I am so grateful to have this little bloggy to share all the things that I love and love to make. 

High five anyone?? No? Ok fine. I can't find my terps so I be sporting this ink for a few days I think 

I have at least another 32 hours before I can show you more photos of Project: Router Cupboard... Paint drying is such a bore ha! But it does build the suspense! Oh what will it look like?? Hmm? Who knows! All I know is... I hope it works! 

Have a happy weekend!