Saturday, March 31, 2012

Project: Pallet Wood Baby Walker / Cart

It was baking week this week, I made cupcakes and pulla and scones and cheese platters and all things high tea/Baby shower. But in the midst of the hot oven and delicious smells I had a little project on the go. I have been wanting to show off this little cutie-pie for a couple of days now but couldn't! It was a gift for my beautiful friend so I couldn't reveal it before it's due time.

 Made from pallet wood, dowel and thin pine is my baby shower gift...

Pallet wood Baby Walker/ Cart. 
Isn't it cute!!??

 It's the perfect height for a 1/2 year old and up. Both my kids tested out its durability and it stood up to the test... Phew!

A cute little touch. Baby boy's sweet ride has security installed. Ha! I thought it was funny.

Baby Boys last name painted and birth year stamped onto both the sides to personalise it. 

Inside the cart was two hard cover kiddy books and a bouncy ball. I was going to do some alphabet blocks but ran out of time, however I still have my thoughts on doing them... hmm. Maybe for his birth!

I love baby showers, they are one of my favourite things to go to and even more, to host. I love that the girlfriends can all get together and enjoy each others company, eat lots of yummy "sometimes" food and bless our friend -who deserves way more for growing a baby!- with some gifts. 

Love it! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hey Nice Buns!

This week is baking week in my house. I have a baby shower (no not mine! Heck no!) coming up this weekend and I needed to get a head start so that I don't lose days and end up doing everything on Friday afternoon. Plus this recipe kinda takes all day to do. 

Today I made:

From what I know, this is a Finish recipe. A sweet sugar/cinnamon scroll with a yummy drizzle of icing sugar over the top. Brilliantly yummy and way too more-ish.  Wanna know the basics of how to make it?


2 eggs
1 cup sugar
14grams dry yeast 
175grams melted butter
2 cups warm milk
1kg plain flour (have another 1kg aside just in case)

Extra butter/margarine
Cinamon sugar
Vanillin sugar


1. Beat the eggs and sugar together
2. Add the yeast (dissolved in milk) and milk
3. Add butter to the mix
4. Gradually add the flour (I used my Kenwood up until about 800gms was added then changed to my spatula because I don't have a dough attachment) 
5. Turn it out onto a floured bench and knead a little to make sure its all mixed. Keep adding extra flour till its not sticky any more. Don't over knead.

Flour the walls of the original bowl, put the dough back into it, cover with a tea towel and set in a hot spot to rise. (On a hot sunny day I put it outside in the sun, on cold days I heat up my oven a  tiny little and then turn it off and put my bowl in there)

Let it rise.

Roll dough out onto floured surface again, knead a tad. Split dough in half. 

1. First half, roll out in a really big rectangle about 5mm thick.
2. Spread butter all over the rectangle
3. Cover butter with cinnamon sugar and vanillin sugar
4. Fold the big rectangle in half
5. Cut into strips (fold at one side, ends at the other) 
6. Twist and knot into small buns.
Repeat with other half.

250degrees Celsius  for 10 mins
Ok that's what my Mother in law says, but for my fan forced oven that burns cooks everything super quickly I have it on 200Deg for 4mins and then turn the tray around and bake for a further 3-4 mins
A nice golden brown is what your after.

Let them cool and then drizzle some icing sugar on them!! YUM!! 

This one took one for the team...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Where you sit to contemplate life.

Duck Egg Blue. I am in love with Duck Egg Blue! "Love" may be the biggest understatement of the year.   

Yes. L.O. to the V. E it.

So I did this....
As always, I rushed ahead of myself and didn't take any before photos, so picture in your head this room a creamy colour similar to the door frame that I haven't changed to white yet on the top left of this photo. Picture scratches, marks and unloved walls that hadn't been painted since who knows when.  Picture the most hideous creamy yellow toilet roll holder monstrosity. I changed the loo roll holder to a sleek and stylish Chrome one, and extra paper and scrubber to chrome too- sweet! much better.  (Colour is a little washed out by flash) 

Now picture the serenity that is Duck Egg Blue walls with white trims and white decorations. One day there will be white tiles instead of the pinky cream, but that's for another days work. 

This mirror I got from the Salvo's (Charity shop) for $8! It was originally Gold with black flecks through it.  The vase and frame are from Salvo's too. LOVE from a very old "Boggle" game and the Babushka is from my kitchen- it's actually measuring cups!! Re purposed to decorations. 

I put the mirror behind the toilet because, well, no one really needs to see themselves while on the loo! And also this is perfect for that last minute teeth check for guests, "Anything in my teeth? No, hair still looks decent? great" and out you go back into the world confident knowing that there is no spinach in your teeth! 

It's so hard to capture this tiny little space. I loved the colour so much that I kept going and did the laundry/pantry area walls too!! It brings the two areas together and unifies the space. They flow together so peacefully. (Can you tell I'm in love? *swoon!*)  This photo is probably the closest to the actual colour.

"Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."
What you'll look at while sitting and contemplating the world. Compassion calendar, frame and above the door out of short people little children's reach, cleaning products/spray 
(Photo is edited darker so you can see the words better, very easy in real life but hard to capture)

I heart Duck Egg Blue xx

Monday, March 19, 2012

Turf Photos

As promised! Here are the photos of my biggest loser laying turf adventure...

Dumping the top soil

My helper Princess Milla

Just a refresher... This is what it looked like before. A row of hedges along the neighbours wall (left) and two rows of hedges heading from the neighbours wall to our pathway with a pointless weed gathering section between the two. (I had just taken the first bush out before I remembered the before photo)

*Insert hours of rain, mud, sweat, shovel loads and loads*
Big breath... 

Ta -Da! New grass area!! Milla striking a pose? I don't know, she just wouldn't move. 
I love it, it feels heaps more open and spacious to walk down the pathway, we no longer need to squeeze past the electricity box and the hedge to get to the front door. Brilliant!

1. After the hedges were pulled out, garden bed forming.
2. Turf finished and garden bed edges done... Next is some pretty plants!! 

Sorry, No photos of us covered in mud doing the turfing. There was no one around to take photos of us and well, being covered in mud I couldn't touch the camera. So you'll just have to imagine it! (Feel free to imagine me with lush wavy hair and perfect makeup with Launa Jane fitness gear on, standing in front of the fan, delicately moving the dirt soil with grace and poise. OK?)   

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Re Turfing And A Ton of Dirt

Sunday night again, weeks go past so quickly one moment its Monday and then within a blink of an eye it's back to being almost Monday again. Do you find that? I'm sure you do. What else did I squeeze into this week? Gardening, a lot of gardening. 

I managed to get my hands on a few rolls of turf! Yay! And because I had the new turf I had to get some top soil- and fast! So the kids and I went for a drive to the Landscaping supplies company, but the road was cut off. It has been raining so much lately that several low lying roads have flooded. We went round the flooded road and went in the back way to the shop... it was closed! They had taken the flooding as a sign to have a long weekend. Oh poo. Didn't they know I had gardening to do??

To the next landscaping shop! One ton of topsoil later and McDonalds happy meals delivered to my front lawn I had a huge task ahead of me. Nope I don't own a wheelbarrow, just a shovel and a hand shovel (aka Milla's shovel) One shovel at a time... in the light rain... with my stripy rainbow gumboots on and Milla in jewellery, a crown, pretty dress, tights and gumboots. We were soggy and muddy and I kind of felt like I was on Biggest Loser, just no trainer screaming in my ear. Shovelling by hand, walking up the hill and dumping the soil I cannot even begin to recall just how many trips I did up and down, up and down. 

I levelled the soil as best as I could and then got my "expert" grass roller (Milla) to roll out the new turf. "What's next mummy??" I think I heard that phrase a bazillion times throughout the day. We also found a worm.

Now I still had half a ton of top soil to move.... big breath... I grabbed my shovel and moved that dirt like it was Ben and Jerry's Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and the shovel was my spoon! Heave Hoe!  (Is that how that's spelt? Gosh I hope so!) Some soil went to start leveling out the uneven front grass area and the rest went to the side of the house to begin the process of raising the ground levels so the water drains more effectively.... well that's the idea anyway! We will see. 

Just in case you're wondering why I only enlisted Milla to "help" and I say help extremely loosely here, me move the dirt instead of my handsome husband. My beloved was at work and didn't know I had done all this until he walked up the driveway at about 7pm that night (I may have ran inside quickly and hid while he called out "Kellie, what have you been up to???") Hehe! Surprise! But next time- He will be there shovel in hand! And, and, and a hire wheelbarrow!!

Handy Tip: If you get a ton of soil-- hire a wheelbarrow too!!

The rain is washing in my top soil as I type tonight. Grow grass grow!!!

Photos to come! Internet is playing up tonight so I'll put the before and after photos up tomorrow. xx

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Project Personalised Pallet Wood Toy Crate / Box

Fresh out of cupboard-building-land I got inspired to build something with my pallet wood. I originally had the pallet wood lengths laid out in the front yard to mark off where I want to put my new garden bed but then I moved some treated pine logs from the back yard to make the garden bed so I got my pallet wood back.

My hands were itching to make something, something practical. I love wooden crates, they just look so cute! So here's my version of: 

Pallet wood Toy Crate / Toy Box

Freshly built, still needing a sand.

Yellow... Dandelion yellow 

Added some rickety stencilled letters

Tonka sized truck and a big "Woody" Teddy testing it out for me

The other side... I love the little chippy slither that's missing from the side. I was originally going to use a different piece of wood for there but I loved the rustic look of this one. 

Here is where it lives for the moment.

Filled with baby/toddler toys for now. It may migrate to Phoenix's room eventually, once they stop needing toys in the lounge room.

It is so sturdy, bright and fun, I am very in love with this project! No doubt I'll be making more.
Keep an eye on Etsy If your interested in one xx 

Have a dandelion yellow day!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner

So I have a confession. Ever since I saw Dirty Dancing on TV the other week, I have watched it almost daily... every time I watch it I get a false delusion that I too have improved in my dancing skills along with Baby... but alas I have not.

And that line! Oh Patrick Swayze!... "Nobody puts Baby in a corner"  hehe! love it!

Must have been really late at night, too much Nutella and after a long day but the thought of that line cracked me up and this is what I was thinking:

Hehe! Phoenix is so not impressed! Ha! love him xx

Project: Dry Chalkboard Duster

I now have several chalk boards around the house, my pallet wood frame and the cupboards that I just finished the other day for example. Chalkboard painted items, I think, clean better by using a dry duster or face cloth. I tried wetting the cloth and wiping it down but it just tended to smudge around the chalk and plus it took longer! I need to quickly wipe down and write my reminders and then keep moving, no fuss.

I had a washer that sat there waiting to be used but, you know me, that just didn't look pretty enough. Out came Sapphire and the brain storming began...

What I used: 
Cube of foam (from the Couch I modified)
Old face washer cloth
Random piece of fabric for a hanging loop

I used the densest part of the couch foam. I guess cut about 6cm x 10cm size

Face cloth and I wrapped the foam first in a thin fabric that I cannot for the life of me think of what it's name is right now... oh man! It's the thin stuff you put between layers of fabric. Ha! - very optional, I did because I had some on hand.

This is what my life looks like while I'm being crafty. Paint drying on the blue drop sheet. Phoenix wandering around eating his apple and Milla telling me lots and lots of things repeatedly. They say women have something like 50 000 words to use a day... well I'm pretty sure 3 year olds have 1 Million! - And all the Mums said? Amen sista!

Sew, sew, sew turn it the right way out and Ta-da a Dry chalkboard duster.
I tried to put it with my frame but it couldn't sit anywhere so I had to add a loop...

Hanging by a loop. This would look good in all sorts of colours


The rest of my day looked like mummy's gumboots on little legs and jumping on the trampoline.

Have a colourful day!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Project: Cupboard Complete

Flat packs eat your heart out! I just finished making by hand a custom cupboard. I needed to hide the Internet router, it couldn't live on my kitchen bench any longer (I wont rant here today, I did that the other day). Off I went to the hardware shop in my cute new shoes and picked up some Pine, lots of jigsawing and sanding and drilling later... I finished! 

Before, just to refresh your memory. 

The sketch of my idea, before it morphed from 2 doors to 3 doors.

OK big breath... 

All done!  
Things to note: I have the intention to change the kitchen colour to white, just finding the right paint for job and finding the time. So picture the rest of the kitchen white ok?

3 Chalkboard Doors

Inside door two (middle) and three. Door two is the coffee shelves, for mugs coffee pods and tea. Door three is for breakfast cereals (I used the standard measurement... you know, two cornflakes boxes high) 

Door one. The most important: Router storage. A little messy right now, waiting for the electrician to come tomorrow to fit my power point in the cupboard so I can get rid of the extension cords.

Cute little legs

Before I took to it with chalk. No my kids don't know yet that they can also draw on it! Ha!



I have itchy fingers now... Whats next? This is done, time to move on!!

Happy building!

Friday, March 9, 2012

My New Ink...

Well once again here I am, 10pm and covered in paint splatters. Reminds me of my very first blog post where it all started with paint splattered hands from making over my chest of drawers. On a spur and a whim I decided to blog and boy-o-boy I am so grateful to have this little bloggy to share all the things that I love and love to make. 

High five anyone?? No? Ok fine. I can't find my terps so I be sporting this ink for a few days I think 

I have at least another 32 hours before I can show you more photos of Project: Router Cupboard... Paint drying is such a bore ha! But it does build the suspense! Oh what will it look like?? Hmm? Who knows! All I know is... I hope it works! 

Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Project: Build A Cupboard Part One

As promised here are the photos of the Router cupboard so far! There is still a lot of work to do to finish it off but I am super excited that it's started! The plans that I am working from are... in my head. I'm kind of winging it, hoping it turns out how I am imagining it. So far-so good. 

Before! The mess is an extra bonus. I had the choice to do the dishes or build- I chose to build obviously! Who would choose dishes?? ha! See that mess of yellow cords and white boxes on the floor? That is what I am trying to hide. 

Mess mess glorious mess

Frame and one door, behind that door is going to be a power point and all the Internet stuff

Door two, behind that door is... well I haven't decided yet!! But probably the Nespresso pods and possibly cereal boxes so the kids can learn to get their own breakfast soon. 

Door three! and Milla...erm sorry, Snow White is making a snack. 
(The first cupboard is a smidgen open because I just tucked the extension cord over the top of the door into where the Router is sitting. Gotta wait till next week for my electrician, till then the extension cord will remain)

Next is to add an extra layer to the doors to make them a smidgen thicker install a shelf into all three cupboards and then get my trust electrician in to finish the electrical side of things (I have already drilled a big hole where the new power point is to go inside the cupboard) and then paint! 

Oh la la I cannot wait to paint it all up! 

So there you have it, part one of Project: Build a (Router) cupboard.