Saturday, February 18, 2012

Project: Pallet Wood Box

I saw a kitchen makeover on TV and they were renovating a tiny little yucky kitchen into an organised dream kitchen. Nice! One little cute detail I spotted was a little basket on top of the fridge, I thought that would be a great idea. I put all my take-away brochures on the top of my fridge and they definitely need some kind of containment. 

Obviously when I get a little idea in my head I immediately pounce into action, doesn't matter that its 10:30 at night and I should be headed to bed, no- no, must conquer idea! So on a spur and a whim I decided that I could make a box from my pallet wood... What follows is my first of many attempt at

Pallet Wood Box!

Left over MDF from other projects. Then mouse Jigsaw them to same size for the base.

Cut two planks of pallet wood into two equal long lenghths and two shorter ones. I measured them up against the MDF to get the right size before I cut them. 
Screw the sides together, with a little bit of wood glue in the joins (I used 8 screws)

Flip it upside down and screw the MDF onto the frame. 
This is where I went to bed.... Next day:

In the daylight, here's my very basic, rustic, shabby, antique, well loved, totally handmade by no expert, one of a kind, Pallet Wood Box.

White Primer

Yellow top coat

Scratched it back to give it that well worn look, and then adorned it with "Unit 15" ...done with my wonderful stencil (click here to see how I do stencils) 
I adore the chippy-ness of this corner!! I purposely used this end of the original length because it had such lovely worn character.

Isn't she cute!! 

The funniest thing about this cute little box is that I can't use it for the original purpose!! It's about 1cm to tall to fit above my fridge- oops! didn't think about that. Oh well, will have to make another one! (1cm shorter obviously) So I found it a new home on my kitchen bench for now holding the Nespresso's, Caramel syrup (for my yummy Caramel Lattes) and everyones Multi-Vitamins. 

Unit 15... Has absolutely no relevance to my life what-so ever, just so you know hehe! I just liked the look of it.

If you're interested in getting your hands on one of these cuties email me and I can let you know. 
These are totally manually made, with love and care. Original and have lots of Character.