Friday, February 10, 2012

Project: Dining Chairs Part One

I got some free chairs, 4 high back standard metal dining chairs in pretty worn condition. They were out for council pick up- unloved and unwanted... Till now! I was in desperate need of some chairs for our table, as we only had bench seating. Bench seating is cute and all, but, when a three year old and a 27 year old sit down you need it out at different lengths, up close for little legs and out further for long legs- add another person on the bench as well and total mayhem! Someone has to sit uncomfortable. 

This is not by any means the last solution to this problem, but it's the first and I am happy to have at least some form of chairs. For the first time ever we each had a chair to ourselves tonight. Brilliant! 

One of the chairs had a great big tear across the front of it leaving the foam exposed and chipping, very uncomfortable to sit on. So this seat, my "trial chair" is Phoenix's because, well, most of the time he is in a highchair anyways rather than a real seat just yet.  

This is what they look like, minus cobwebs, chippy-ness everywhere, scratched fabric, holey foam. Not the prettiest thing- but functional. This is actually a good one, not the "trial seat"... I in my usual fashion didn't take a before photo of the trial seat because I was too impatient and really-really wanted to start. 

This is the trial seat... Spray Painted the metal silver chippy parts white.
The black polka dot cover is my first throw together cover so we could use it without scratching off our legs. As you can tell, I was in such an excited-to-spray-something mood that I didn't even bother taking the seat off to spray the metal. Therefore the polka dots have a white haze over them. But I don't care. This is trial seat after all...

Ta-Dah! Here she is, same seat as above, recovered seat. Vintage little keys in frames print. Not necessarily the final fabric choice but definitely thinking its cute for now.


This is the spray I was trialling today, Fridge and Appliance by White Knight. Because, The metal on the chairs was extremely, um, fridge-like? I figured it would stick better. So far so good! I did tell you I'm no expert and learning as I'm going right? Well you know now! HA!

Fail I will learn from... don't let the wind blow your drop sheet into your freshly sprayed paint... Here is the results. This is just the first coat, so I'll sand it down and do over. Not a big deal.