Monday, February 20, 2012

Owl iPower Holder (Charger organizer)

This little project was born out of necessity. Every night I have to go searching behind my bedside table to get the charger cord to my phone and sometimes the laptop charger (usually tangled around the baby monitor cord because Phoenix is determined to steal the baby monitor daily and walk around with it like a walkie-talkie. So in my frustration I figured, hey! lets make life a little easier!

Meet my first... 

Owl iPower Holder

Note where my cords are... everywhere, yuck! This is not set up at all, this is how I (or rather Phoenix) left it, but I must say- I'm really glad I made my bed this morning!! Ha!!

After: Hoot Hoot!  See the little iPower feet??!!
(and I gave Milla her clip and brush back)

Little Owl is asleep on a branch. Two holes/feet for an iPhone charger and MAC charger (or really any charger you specifically have! We are just an Apple loving hooked household).

If you're interested in a cute Owl iPower Holder email me xx
Or keep an eye out for my soon to be Etsy shop. (Australian shipping only at the moment)


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