Monday, February 6, 2012

Love Little Helpful Hands

I love a good productive day and today was a very, very productive day! Cleaned the house, did all the laundry, mowed the lawn, got a little too excited with a saw and chopped down some branches from our trees, trimmed the grass edges. In between and intertwined throughout all of today's productivity was a little Miss, her art creations and her helping hands.

I have a theory... it's only 3 years old so all those with older kids can let me know if it works... it goes: 

"Let the little eager hands help now, so when they are less than eager later, they will be already accustomed to helping"

In other words, my 3 year old wants to help with everything! If I continually say "No" and "You're too young/little", "I'll do it", they will eventually give up and stop offering because well... mummy will do it. Then once they are older and capable of doing everything (and I want them to do stuff!) they will undoubtedly revert back to that ingrained thought that I taught them when they were three, "No, you can't do it, I'll do it for you" 

Hopefully the reverse will be the same, although she cannot use scissors well, with my guidance, she can help cut the long grass around the mailbox. Although its slower, she can hold the bag and pick up the grass clippings, help mummy to spread the smelly fertiliser, carry the "big, heavy" bundled twigs to the pile. "Yes, you can help". Practice makes perfect, even at three. Gotta start somewhere. Everything that I did today, she helped with (except pushing the mower)

While I mowed, this helpful Princess did crafty art. I cannot recommend this more highly. A Foam Activity Tub (from Kmart) 2 Ink pads, alphabet foam stickers, farm animal foam stickers, stars foam stickers, 4 stamp cubes, 3 glitter glue pens. Practically mess free art activities! WIN!! ...Some days I prefer to not get paint everywhere, especially cleaning days. This would be a great activity to have for a grey rainy day.

Outside enjoying the break from the rain.

Getting crafty.