Saturday, February 25, 2012

Long Lists and Gastro Bugs

Now that I have stopped for the day (well, stopped for this second, I still have folding to do) I can feel every muscle and joint and bone in my tired body.  Who need Pilate's when you are go-go-go all day long??!! I even got to kill squashed to a mooshy paste 3 red-back spiders along the way. Exciting.  

Pencil at hand! ready to go... This is where I have always put my pencil and yet 
I still look around for a minute before remembering where I put it. 

My list of things accomplished today:

- All bed linen washed, line dried and put back.
- Preschool Alphabet homework sheets
- All towels washed,  line dried and put back.
- Change the neighbour kid who has come over to play costume fifty billion times
- All clothes washed, line dried and... folding can wait.
- Sing some tunes with my little muso boy
- lunch all round
- Kitchen cleaned
- Sawed, sanded, drilled some more owls
- Upstairs vacuumed 
- Change a nappy or two
- One bathroom cleaned
- Jumped in some puddles and hosed down the kids feet
- 5 hedges trimmed right down and then I even pulled the 5 stumps out! (Wooohoo! Hear the crowd roar as I hold the final stump in the air with victory! I got that sucker out! Yes!!-- looks around for some applause-- none. oh well) 
- Clean up huge big mess I made, straighten up the garden and spread out some lawn feeder

... got to about here in this eventful day, covered head to toe in sweat (ew!) and dirt and mud and a tag along spider-EEK!! Hit that off. Walked back inside to make sure Milla was watching a movie and resting still (cause she felt yuckier as the day went on) and... Hello vomit. Milla now has a gastro bug. OK!! Switch into awesome carpet-cleaning-spew-catching-dinner-cooking-baby-showering-reading-books-into-bed, still covered in dirt super-mum mode... few!

Phoenix thought it was a hide your head in a bucket kind of day... hehe 

But oh... I have fresh clean sheets on my bed!! How great is fresh clean sheets!
Cannot wait to crawl into bed and rest.