Thursday, February 16, 2012

A little Heart

Phoenix had his Cardiologist appointment today to check out a heart murmur that the doctor could hear and all we got was good news! Yay!! 

First of all the specialist assured us that heart murmurs are just the regular sounds that our hearts make, and that as you grow up sometimes you can have one and then a few months later not have it, and then again later have it again etc. Some heart murmurs turn out to be serious situations that need attention and others are just normal sounds the heart makes.

I had Phoenix on my lap to make sure he would sit still and for such a wiggler he sat so still for the specialist- I was very proud of him. He had his ultrasound. Looking at the monitor it reminded me of when I was 20 weeks pregnant with him having all his measurements done, his little heart beating on the screen was so cool! 

And the Specialist said "Everything looks normal" -- relief. 

So one big test done and passed, next is allergy testing and then hopefully reintroducing gluten and dairy. Wonderful! 

So happy this chappy is well