Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm Hoooked ...Zpagetti.

My husband finds the best gifts!!  While he was away for work he sneaky, sneaky found everyone in the family a little gift. Milla got an Angelina Ballerina colouring in set, Phoenix got a fluffy penguin, and I got...


"As we use the latest fashion material offcuts, Zpagetti is available in many fashionable colours and trendy designs. Due to the large collection of Zpagetti, there is always something for everyone. Zpagetti expresses our belief that re-using and recycling materials could contribute to a more sustainable society." - Hoooked Zpagetti

OK! How cool is it?! Reuse, Recycle, love it! 

Now I just need to refresh my crocheting skills and see what I can make. There are lots of photos online of Zpagetti handbags, but that's not my kind of thing so I am thinking that a floor mat, foot poof (hehe) or blanket will be where Im headed.

A square? A square I can do!
How cute is this mat!! This probably will not be the initial second, third, forth, or tenth, project... I'm not that skilled!

Fun! I'll post more photos once I do something with it.