Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I have a shop

I feel like a giggly school girl when I tell you this... I am that excited! I just opened my own Etsy shop. Oh yes! Newly Antique is in crafters handmade heaven! Etsy, for those who don't know, is where you can buy (and sell) handmade or vintage items, art and supplies online... "The world's most vibrant handmade marketplace". Be warned it is addictive, you will find lots of things to love on Etsy. 

Have a mosey on over to Etsy, check out my currently empty shelves. (Click on my frame and it will take you over to my shopity-shop-shop.) Added to the list of things to-do is to stock my shelves with lovely handmade goodies. I'm sorry I just couldn't wait, I had to tell someone!