Monday, February 27, 2012

How To Destroy A Chase ...Modifying your couch cushions

Want to know how to destroy a chase? You know, one of those foot rest extensions that seem to be on most couches these days. I have a 2 seater couch and a 3 seater couch in my lounge room, except it was never used as a two and a three, because there was a big ol' chase on one of the seats and it was all or nothing: Have the chase there or deal with a gap with no seat cushion- boo hoo to that. 

So for probably a year I had to explain to every visitor that the reason there was nothing there was because it's the gap for the chase, I didn't like the chase, it's in the garage, it was too big for the room, no I don't care, just sit on the flat pillow I put there!! ha!

How to Destroy a Chase (and rebuild as a single seat!)

I tend to forget to take a before picture before I get too excited to start, so I laid the chase cover back on top of it and took this dodgy photo so you have some idea what I am ranting talking about. 

Ok this is where I was up to when I remembered the "before" photo! woops! 
I stripped off the outer covers of the case and the single cushion next to it so I had a size reference and laid it on the floor.
Used my trusty sharpie and drew a line where I was going to cut along.

The rough edge left after I cut through the five sandwich layers with a Stanley Knife, once I fold the soft outer white padding over it will look all lovely and smooth again.

Yay!! A three seater couch! no more gap!

For a little while this cushion will sit backwards as I have just temporarily put the new and improved cushion back into the chase slip cover and folded the excess under the back. I will eventually (probably to a professional tailor) trim the chase slip cover to the proper size and sew it up. Get the kids to "sit" yeah right on it for a few days and it will melt straight in and be unrecognisable as a former chase. 

Originally I was going to get new foam from the foam shop cut and make a new fabric slip cover, but trying to find the right brown colour fabric with the same worn look or finding a completely different one that works with the rest of the couch was too difficult for me to choose. Why not make over what I've got??!!

The chase base we still have in the garage and half the foam. I thought I could get creative with that and easily choose a different fabric for a funky cover, now that it's not a necessity but rather an addition we can bring out on movie nights or when we are in need of an extra butt space seat or a foot rest.

Got some furniture you're not completely satisfied with? Destroy it... With purpose. Ha! 


Remember my last post about the dandelion yellow?? I showed my wonderful Hubby the photo of it looking like a sun.... 

"Did you paint the carpet??" was his first split second reaction. 
Ha! No, just to clarify, it's Photoshop lovelies.