Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Allergy Testing Complete

After spending 3 hours awake at 2:30am this morning with a crying Phoenix- Coffee STAT! Phoenix and I bundled up our references, pram and off we went to the hospital clinic. Today was the day for Phoenix's final big test, allergy testing. 

8 lines down both his shins, and 3 different prick tests per line... he was not impressed to say the least.

Zebra legs are all the rage...

The good news is that after the allotment of time the only welts he got were from eggs (very much expected) and cashews (random!). He was even tested for milk protein allergy and wheat allergy and both came up negative. Now I'm not going to go over board with dosing him up with milk and bread, as he probably still has an intolerance. But I will be slowly reintroducing gluten back into his diet after chatting with his doctor for the go-ahead. Hopefully since he has had about 6 months break from it he will have a better tolerance for it. I have already started with small amounts of dairy with good success.

These two hives are from Egg whites and egg yolks, this was about two minutes after the pricks were done.

I am very grateful for positive test results! Now if only my eyes could stay open long enough to complete the rest of the day well! Ha! Got any quick dinner ideas anyone?