Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shades of Pink

Well it's taken a long time but I have finally decided on a pink shade for Milla's room! I know right!?! It's been a while and I keep changing my mind... don't judge me! Have you seen how many shades there are?? So I slimmed down the choices by just picking from the Dulux range. I grabbed every paint sample in the pink range and I mean every one of them (there is 3 per card too!) to try and find the pink that I thought would suit the best.

Soft Satin Half for the wall colour. I didn't want a dark pink for the walls because I don't want her room to feel small, or to be smacked in the face with colour intensity every time we go in there.  Soft Satin and white for butterflies flying across her wall and white trims.  Very girly and she will out grow it eventually- but! For now Milla will love it! And when she's outdone it, we will repaint! Not a big deal.

Now onto cleaning her walls, re-arranging furniture, fixing cracks and holes, installing a shelf, taping the edges. Wow I'm tired thinking about that! Painting will happen while she is out at Preschool. 

Think I can make this?

Milla wants bubble pink... Im not sure if this is a shade of pink or if it is a decorative idea she has. So to solve this problem. I think something decorative in a bubble sort of way would be good. Bubble mix and a bubble gun. Bubble snow globes, bubble blanket. Hmm will keep thinking on this... even balloons would probably be good, helium balloons in a bubbly sort of fashion. 

How about spots! spots count as bubbles right??  {Source} This is adorable! 

Bubble blanket? {Source}

Oh well, I'll keep searching the inter-webs till I find what I'm looking for.