Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Project: Door Shelf pt 1

I saw this little nifty idea in an Ikea catalogue of a bookshelf over the top of a door. I logged it away in my mind thinking it would be a great idea to use someday. Well, today was that day! Today was the day to start. I was gonna master the DOOR SHELF! 

I have really got to get better at taking "Before" photos! I just get too excited to start drilling everything that I forget! Anyways, This is our bedroom door. It's closed and I am sitting on the end of the bed looking at the door. I have a temporary 3M hook on the back of the door (not centred because I intend on having two there eventually) for my Hubby to hang his jeans, instead of the floor! The metal next to the door knob is the chair I have been standing on.
Please excuse the quality of these photos, they are poor lighting and smudgy kids fingerprints all over iPhone photos

A little closer... Currently unpainted, will eventually be vivid white along with the door frame I think. 

DVD's and a few book for the moment, this will change as I sort out the room.

Totally needs a paint. yuck. 

The door still opens, not hindered at all by the shelf! Yay!!!

5 hours later and it is still up and holding strong... not sure why I would expect any otherwise but there is a small part of me that thinks it's funny that I can build stuff. 

Thinking that the other 3 bedrooms will also gain these very handy little shelves to hold some little precious things. If you need some extra storage/shelving. Check out little spaces like this that are often just wasted empty spots. 

I'll post a Project: Door Shelf Complete once I get round to painting this cutie-pie ;-)