Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pink Makes Everything Better

I am so excited about this! I got some cute new pink tools! And from a $2 shop, bargain. I keep putting my tools down and loosing them or forgetting where I put it down, you know that wonderful "safe spot" that's quite similar to the Bermuda Triangle? Yeah, well one day I'll find that safe spot and there will be all the keys and tools and important things of the world! 

Another great thing about my new tools... they are Pink! That means my hubby won't go near them haha!! He has his boring black ones, and I have mine- super cute and awesome. They had a tag for a pink tape measure, but none left, boo hoo! I'll have to go back some other day and see if they have restocked. Now If I could just find a super cute tool box that would be fun, and probably assist in the whole "safe spot" issue... Or make one? ooh! challenge accepted! 

I've busted them out already to take down a set of blinds so we can paint the window frame soon. 


On a side note... I really really need to find the charger for my camera. The photos I've been posting lately are just off my phone and I can't stand it!  Although it's okay quality, the amount of times there is peanut butter smudgy toddler finger prints over the lens is just way to often.