Saturday, January 28, 2012

Painting Pink and How To Make A Drop Sheet

I tricked the weather!.. Well, kind of. I said I was going to do the second coat of Milla's Pink on Friday and as per normal highly-anticipated-excited-to-paint-days it poured and poured rain which is ever so- not helpful towards paint fumes and paint drying times. So I didn't paint- boohoo! Along comes Saturday and with it blue skies and no rain. GREAT! impromptu Painting!

I grabbed all my supplies and couldn't find a drop sheet anywhere, seems I have thrown them all out or stored them in that "safe spot" I love so much. So here is my two cents helpful hint if you also don't have a drop sheet handy when you are doing impromptu painting. 
How To make a Drop Sheet.

Grab a roll of black garbage bags 
(Wheelie bin bags) I always have a roll in the cupboard for big clean outs.

Place the roll at one wall and unroll it to the other, tear off the end at the closest bag perforated line. (don't tear off every individual bag! just the last one) 
Unfold the sides to lay it flat. Ta-Dah!!!


Hire a cutie-pie, lovely butt, sexy hunk of a yummy (ok keep it G rated) handsome man to help out. Good for the eyes, plus makes the job all that more fun if you plant two pink hand prints on his b-hind. XX Love him! And he made painting so much quicker. We had to get this painted and a bit dry before little fingers woke from his nap.

Stop the mess!

Have a big old Tupperware container handy to hold the paint tin.

After you pour paint from the tin a few times the dribbles down the side reach your drop sheet and starts leaving paint rings where ever you put it down. Paint on the drop sheet gets stepped on and then spread all over and then walked onto the carpet or worse down the hall and throughout the house! eek! 

To stop the spread of paint drops just that little bit more. Put your Tin into an old container. Then whenever you have to move the container you know its clean on the bottom. I could then pick up the container put it on Milla's bed and move my drop sheets knowing I wasn't spreading any paint (see in my picture the paint drops in the container from the several different times I poured into my roller tray, also handy spot for the screwdriver) 

**Just don't put the container down into a wet spot! Ha! always a clean spot/same spot