Monday, January 30, 2012

One Mummy Tip

It was so muggy today there was nothing more that we could do but be in the sprinkler.  Now usually I put the sprinkler on the grass and the kids just go nuts running through it. But seeings as it's been raining every second day for a while now the grass is fairly water logged and muddy.  I am also trying to be creative with their home learning... New texture time! (while trying to stay a little cleaner)

I put the sprinkler on a tarp (tarpaulin)... my painting drop sheet tarpaulin to be exact. Covered in paint splatters and red Christmas wrapping paper paint, which made the water red for a little while-fun!  The kids loved the water puddles that collected on the tarp. I ended up putting the play house slides under the end of the tarp so the water pooled up a little more for jumping in. 

Mid air!

Instagram of course... (husbands hands! not mine!)  

This handsome little fella brings me all sorts of treasures. One day, he'll bring his mummy some real flowers... melt my heart!! 


My (two cents) Mummy Tip: Try to play outside everyday. 

It makes such a difference to my kids and It can completely change the mood of the house. Fresh air, space, greenery, different textures and smells...Wonderful! If you have a boy-as I have found- it's even more important! Their inquisitive make-up just screams "Take me outside!" Open the backdoor and let their imagination run wild

This year I have started "Family walk time" ... right now after dinner works easiest but as winter begins to roll round and the days get darker quicker I'm sure this will change to an earlier time. It's just around the block, but Mummy really enjoys the head space and it wears out that last bit of energy that is stored up for the very last moment before bed when mummy is exhausted and they should be asleep ha! It also gives me a safe opportunity to teach the kids road safety, how to cross the roads properly and watch out for cars, how to stop, how to hold hands (yes, my son actually needs to learn this). 

Always play outside xx