Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Little Red Book

For some reason I find it extremely difficult to keep a diary... could be that I had one when I was much younger and my big annoying turd of a bossy brother, whom I love and adore (now) found it one day and wrote notes commenting throughout it? scarred for life! Anyways I can't, its too much pressure to keep up with it and then I feel bad cause every new "diary" I get -- Love new stationary!- - has written...

Dear Diary, 
It's January 1st! 
This year is going to be great. I can't wait to do lots of amazing things this year. I am going to get fit and look after myself. I am going to read more (The lies I tell myself gosh!) And this year I wont spend as much time on Pinterest. I love this new journal of mine, worth every penny. I am going to try and journal everyday to jot some thoughts down and clear my head
             Love Kellie

Lies! lies! lies! I totally won't journal every day! What was I thinking? I only get three entries in and I've forgotten and then feel bad that I haven't for so long that I don't bother till the next year. I should write... "I like the idea of, but probably wont, journal every day".... Ha! So Christmas just past I got a gift... a daunting gift... a Journal! with 365 written on the front! Ahhhhh! The pressure! 365?! It was from my most favourite stationary shop too Kikki K, so I ever-so-desperately wanted to use it. 

Well, I thought about it for a week or so and decided, yup it just wont work as a journal. What could I do for 365 days? Gratitude journal? Daily somethings? No. But wait!!  365 Ideas, Creativity and Brainstorming! Perfect! It didn't say 365 Days on the journal, just 365. Wonderful!

House colours, Milla's room ideas, trials, sketches...

  I am very pleased to announce I am up to page 7!!!! That's a Personal record! And not a "Dear Diary" in sight... Sum mite say I be grow'n up a tad hey? tots! (egh! Even I can't stand that writing!!!) 

Love Kellie