Friday, January 13, 2012

Installing A Bin Into Your Kitchen Cupboard

I have a one year old... and what do one year olds do? Touch everything!! I used to have our bin on top of the washing machine, a front loader, high above where he could possibly reach. Unfortunately my front loader stopped functioning properly and couldn't handle the work load. Bring on a big big top loader!! 

Anyways! Because of this I need to move our bin. I have eyed off those bins that live in the cupboard under the sink and when you open the door it comes out and the lid opens... but I have never like the price of it. So this is my solution to the hidden cupboard bin!

Installing a bin into your Kitchen Cupboard

Grabbed our current 13Lt bin and screwed it into our under sink cupboard door, using two screws. Fits perfectly! Yes!... (I literally tossed out the bag on the floor just out of view of this picture and drilled holes in my bin and cupboard- hey! Once you have a great idea you gotta run with it!)

 Oh excuse the mess... this was a very impromptu idea, and required a complete shift around of the potato holder (now holding recycling) and other under-sink junk
Closed the cupboard to check if I got it right... yup fits great. Closed the other side. Looks good, everything is hidden away from little fingers.

O.o Went to open the door with the bin on it and... both doors open... Oh dear, Houston we have a problem! 
I thought we might be able to put up with it and just open both doors to get to the bin. Then the rubbing door started to wear holes into the garbage bags. OK! problem to solve.


10Lt Bin! $4 from Bunnings
It's the same height and width as the other one, just shorter in length. 

2 screws holding it on. I did the screws down low so I could easily slip a bag over the top rim

Closes and more importantly opens!! WIN!

So this little project cost me $4 as I had the two screws on hand. Sweet!