Saturday, January 14, 2012

How To Fit Almost 50% More Into Your Suitcase

Ever gone on holidays with your bags already pretty bulging full and then look at those same bags on the way home and just wonder, how on earth and I supposed to fit it all back in??!!! If you're anything like me you're probably coming home with triple double the amount of clothes you left with. 

So here is my handy tip on how to fit double the amount of clothes into your suitcase... the only thing I can't shrink is accessories and shoes.  This is my kids suitcase... Well... Millas suitcase, but Phoenixes clothes are in there with hers.

Rolling Rolling Rolling!
Lets get rolling!

Roll everything, as tight as you can. Here is shirts, shorts, jeans and dresses

Even roll the undies!

And tuck them in the gaps...

Roll your socks like a little sleeping bag

5.One normal packed pink sock compared to my white rolled sock! Takes up half the space

Everything fits better than when I left on holidays even though we gained almost double the amount of clothes

All packed and ready to...erm.. roll ;-) HA!

I did our suitcase like this too, so we managed to fit everything in perfectly. 

A word of advice tho... this doesn't halve the weight of the suitcase! It will still be as heavy as a fully packed suitcase- just more compact. 

Happy Re-packing!