Thursday, January 26, 2012

But Where's My Bubble Pink?

I always seems to rain on the days that I have big plans to paint, and not just itty-bitty little rain and then clears up- but the biggest-hugest rainiest day in the month since some old year past. "Most rainfall in January since 1890" style... So it was a grey rainy day? Oh well! I was still on a mission! It was the day, it was the moment! Milla's room here I come!

I moved all her little furniture out of the room and her bed into the middle because it's too big to fit out the door. Put down some drop cloths and grabbed all the tools I thought I'd need; roller, brushes, screw driver, rags.... I really needed some upbeat awesome theme music- or at least Pride and Prejudice up loud for Mr Darcy to keep me company! The only music on my phone is Mariah Carey's Christmas album- although it's loud and pumping it seems like the wrong time of the year to be singing Jingle bells. (Everything else got deleted last update, I never remember to reload them while I'm home!) 

 Her door and a wall... Anything that is currently cream will end up being Vivid White

Half Satin Pink! - Yes! I managed to do one coat before Phoenix woke up. I've left it to dry for 24 hours since it was so so so rainy yesterday when I painted it. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more conducive day to do the top coat. 
This is probably the most accurate colour capture of the Pink tone
Depending on the light in the room, it sometimes shines a purple based pink
The floor trims will be Vivid White too eventually.

Milla was at Preschool when I painted her room. I managed to get all her furniture set up exactly how she left it in the morning for when she got home! Fun! SURPRISE!!!! And in true 3 year old fashion she was very excited that it was pink... and then she asked where her bubble pink was! HA! Like an elephant who never forgets! 

So I've ditched my original idea of butterflies and am going to put this one up- but in the appropriate colours obviously. I already have five of them so thats a start.