Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Busy Saturday

Do you ever make deals with yourself? I do. All the time

"If you do these dishes you can paint that..."
"If you clean the house you can go to Bunnings...."

OK most of my deals have to do with cleaning and then as a reward I get to do something crafty. I don't hate cleaning, I just am a lazy perfectionist! hehe! I love order and clean clear spaces... I just get sick of doing it all the time. My one year old is a hurricane- He leaves a trail of destruction everywhere! 

Doesn't this just look yummy!! (Ha! My tray is upside-down)

I accomplished a lot this Saturday... baked some bread (yes, I have to bake Gluten-free bread for little Mr Hurricane), took some photos of Milla's newly re-arranged room.  Built three over the door shelves for the little rooms. 

 Nice and tidy, getting ready to be painted!! eek! excited!

 Milla's over the door shelf (I haven't painted any of them yet, in case your wondering why I chose natural wood)

Phoenixes over the door shelf- with a cute little chandelier reflected lens flare. His is the only room with (what looks black is actually) speckled silver brackets, a little more, um, manly! ha!


Went through all the kids, mine and hubby's clothes while they are not looking to cull all the "stuff"... old stuff, hole-y stuff, donate stuff, give away stuff, "that would look super cute on so-'n-so..." stuff. The stuff that builds up over time and just takes up precious space. It's almost like a spring clean out- except we are in Summer.

This is a pile I'm giving to my friend who is about to have twins! Girl/Boy twins. Girl clothes sized 00000 to 3's. All Milla's that she no longer fits into. I had so much fun reminiscing through her tiny clothes. I kept all the precious clothes that I love and am passing on the rest.  

 This is for my other pregnant friend who is having a boy! (don't fret!! my twin-y pregnant friend already has a full boys wardrobe) I did the same as Milla's clothes: Kept my favourites and passed on the rest.

Looking at all these little clothes made me clucky (now, now, Grandmas don't get excited). Made me so clucky for my besties to have more babies! No pressure gals but, hurry up!! I need more newborn cuddles! xx