Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Two Picture Frames and Egg Allergies

Look what I've got! Two of them!

I know, gross right? These spider webbed, mold forming frames were headed for the trash... and honestly, a year ago I would have thrown them too. I would have thought "Eww! Who would want that hanging in their house?" Granted these have been left out in the rain and sunshine, left unloved for a while, but still, half dead orange flowers isn't my thing. 


Hello city of spiders and moldy, rain drenched back boards 

First things first... pull apart! Throwing away the yucky back boards... well I kept the less disgusting one (not the one pictured) to keep as size reference for a replacements. The frames are in really good condition- perfect even.

Next, clean glass, which is also in perfect condition thankfully. 

Sanding back, one on the right has been sanded, the other is yet to be done.

I have a few ideas of what these will end up like, they will be "antique" they will be practical and fun. One will definitely be a whiteboard style with a beautiful background and a cute pen. Not sure about the other just yet. 


Unfortunately this is where the project had to stop for the moment, a quick trip to the Doctors for my little Phoenix as he had an allergic reaction to egg whites. Poor little thing went red, purple, hives and itchy everywhere. So no more eggs then. Some antihistamines and he's doing good.

This is the second time he has had a reaction to eggs, the first little one was about 4 months ago. The doctor suggested trying them again separately (whites then yolks) to see if he was allergic to one or the other and also see if he could cope with them better yet. I was really hoping he would do better this time, as he also seems to be gluten and lactose intolerant. Eating eggs would be a great protein and a handy thing to order when eating out. Oh well, forces me to eat very healthy... most of the time. 

When I find some good gluten/dairy/egg free recipes they will be featured on here or on a specific page. Because I am sure there are others who need the inspiration and ideas on what to make for dinner. I know I need all the help I can get!