Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tidy Oop

Do you have a "drop spot" like mine? It's that one of many spots in the house that seems to gather just about everything. Sticky tape, pens, cords, cards, 3M hooks and stickies, pictures and envelopes. Everything! If I tell some one- I put it in the cube, they know where it is. It's almost like a "safe spot" (except you remember where you put it.)  Well my Drop spot was in some serious need of attention. It was beginning to slide out and onto the floor, and there was no order to the chaos at all.  

See what I mean??!! Woooh mess!

Its almost hard to breath near this chaos, its draining all my energy!!! ahhhhh need a nap just looking at it.

The other cubes are not as bad...

So after pulling it all out sorting through all the camera chargers and cables, pens and junk I put everything away to its real home and was left with (one garbage bag full of rubbish and....)

A box with some working pens in it.

That's it! Seriously, everything else had a home else where. Sticky tape with the craft supplies, cords in a zip lock bags with their name on it in a box in the Garagio.  Envelopes went to the office supplies spot, loose paper in the bin. How much better is that? 

It's amazing how a clean, clear spot can give you a little bit more energy to start on the next little spot that needs attention. And it's interesting how much clutter we gather because A. We don't want to put it way and 2. We don't want to throw it away just yet. (yes I totally went A and then 2... Blonde heritage!) 

Find a tiny spot and clean it up today, one small spot at a time. Looking at the whole huge mess usually ends up in procrastination and "I don't know where to start" syndrome. But this is easy, simple and leads to clean spot to enjoy. It might just inspire you to do the next small spot (after some M&Ms of corse) 

Reality calls: Milla just overflowed the toilet.  xx