Sunday, December 11, 2011

Slightly Distressing... (Project: Frames)

This morning the sun was shining and it looked like the  perfect day to be outside and doing the washing sanding, so I sat down at the front door and started sanding and low-and-behold it started raining.  Good thing I didn't do the laundry today (is what I'm telling myself).  
Distressing wooden frames

Most of the time I leave the exposed wood unsealed, but I guess if this was a practical item like a dresser or something that would get grubby I would so a clear topcoat to seal it and make it easy to clean. 

Cute pink spots and blue striped fabrics

Cut the fabric to size

DILEMMA! It doesn't fit! 

The MDF backboard was wider at the top than the bottom, oops! My tip for you- If you get new backboards cut, test that they fit correctly before you get all excited and put it all together.

I sanded back the corner of the MDF until it fit correctly.

Next Dilemma! The corner of one of the glass cracks "nooooooooooooo!!" *sob sob* 
Ok! So now I have one Dry-Erase Pink spotty frame and one Blue stripy?... not decided yet. But I think Jewellery holder or Pin board might be fun.

A very dry Dry-Erase Pen, need to visit Kikki K to find something super cute to go with this.

Pink has glass, stripes does not