Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Quick Need More Wrapping Paper

We made the first lot the other day using Potato stamps, I wrapped 3 presents and now need more. I decided doing smaller batches was better than doing too much and having to throw away the excess, (I also threw away the potato stamps.) This isn't really a problem thought when you have kids on hand all day long, no wait that sounds bad. There isn't going to be a lot of structure to this section of wrapping paper, all we needed was our trusty Ikea paper roll and red paint squished between toes and fingers. Milla had a blast doing it. What 3 year old doesn't like the oozing, squishy, drippy, messiness of hand painting?  

Twinkle Toes....

Fine Fingers...

Admiring her handy work

To keep her inspiration flowing she was dancing and watching Mary Poppins. 


I love $1 shops, these cute little jars were such a great find, and I was so not disappointed that my mini M&Ms didn't all fit in. I may have "had" to eat them all up just so they didn't take up space in the cupboard- you know, that's important. From this angle they look like proper M&Ms but these are actually the mini ones.

Lots and lots of little jars!!! I love them! You could totally use them for everything in the kitchen! Spices, lollies, cooking supplies. Fun! and easy to keep organised. The best thing about them being clear is that you can see what you have, saves buying doubles. Tightly sealed keeps everything fresh and they're cute!- Bonus!