Saturday, December 10, 2011

Project: Two Frames Part 1

Such a slow day. Saturday's are supposed to be slow. Getting out of bed slowly, enjoying breakfast slowly, taking the time to enjoy each others company wholly without the distraction of needing to be somewhere.

Saturday's also need the smell of cut grass or gardening of some sorts. You know how some smells instantly take you to somewhere or make you remember someone? Cut grass instantly makes it feel like Saturday. So you can bet your bottom dollar that I have been confused as to what day we were up to when I mowed on Thursday this week! But a brief gap in the rain clouds demanded that the grass situation be assessed. I was starting to loose the kids!

Project: Two Frames

Paint dries slowly so what an appropriate thing to do today!

New MDF back-boards for the frames. Cut them to size from a larger sheet. A quick thin coat of MDF primer. The fabric that I have is slightly sheer, I don't want brown showing through. Ew.

Rough base coat of Vivid White on the frames.

Second coat of Vivid white. 

I was going to do two different things with these frames but. Ho-hum. Changed my mind. Something about finding some cute stripy fabric that just shouted "Take me home! Use me! Love me!!" ...oh if I must. Going to do a second coat tonight and leave it to dry overnight. Then sand it back- my fav!

I really must think about getting a work bench, my Husband is going to chase me if I keep painting just outside the front door. Could make one?... if I find enough pallets I'm sure I'll give it a go! 


This guy is getting his molars. He is not impressed.