Thursday, December 1, 2011

Project: Pallet Frame Part1

I walked past the pallet wood at my front door and thought, it's time! Project Pallet Frame has begun! I have a big blank wall in my Kitchen. It's just calling out to have something there. I am thinking something to help organise with a little bit of fun and rustic thrown in. 

I chose 4 planks that looked similar in thickness. Some of them the ends were chipped and cracked but that didn't matter because I would shorten them all a bit chopping off the damaged bits. I sawed off the edges in 45degree angles- by hand. 

I attempted to do them all exactly the same but... as with any hand sawing its a little um... rustic ;-) But I love it that way. I made it, so I'm super proud! There is a couple of gaps in the joins that I'm hoping I can fix with some stronger brackets. The ones I got where too small I think (so back to bunnings!) 

Need any fillings done?

I did a quick sand of the frame to get rid of splinters but left it a little rough, to keep some of the yummy character. Then did a Vivid White top coat. So far I'm only planning on doing one coat of paint because I'm impatient I plan on scratching most of it off anyway, but this could change depending on how it looks and the results that I get. 

Some MDF board that fits perfectly on the Pallet Frame and did 2 coats of MDF primer. And then it started to rain. Quick relocation to the Garagio for them to dry for the night. 

Stay tuned for Project: Pallet Frame Part 2.   
House Reno Catch-up

The Dining Room door is finished, done and dusted. I need to clean the blinds so I can put them back up- and start googling to find a better option for the doors and windows. Falling apart Blinds just doesn't go with the fresh paint, but that's another day. Onto the next window!!

Remember that cupboard that I organised a little while ago?... Totally busted the culprit to the mess!!!