Friday, December 2, 2011

Project: Pallet Frame Part 2

I am totally in love with how my frame is turning out, I can't wait to put it up on my kitchen wall. It will be very handy to have it there where everyone passes several times a day. A practical, working, creation....and beautifully shabby Antique!
Pallet wood frame.

Here is what I have done so far to create the Pallet Wood Frame:

  1. Dismantle a pallet
  2. Saw 45degree angles on both edges of 4 planks
  3. Arrange them to look like a frame and pick which sides you want facing the front
  4. On the back sides, secure with your choice of brackets, I did a single screw wide elbow ones, but that's only because I couldn't find double screw wide ones. But then I ended up going back to get more of them anyways. I also did a nail in the side to secure it even further.
  5. Painted with topcoat Dulux Vivid White (taken from the tin I'm using on my windows and doors)
  6. Once the paints dry, sand it back as far as you want to show some of the details in the wood underneath 
That's the basics of this Pallet frame done, BUT! I'm not done yet! Will have to wait for Part 3 for the finished product... as I'm still making it! (good reason to wait hey)

I love love the detail showing through

more details

There are gaps, but I like it
Oh dear... We just have to slip in another trip to the one-and-only Bunnings for a slide in the playground with the kids and push a baby trolley around for more elbow brackets. 2 sets and a nail- this baby ain't going no where!!


Waiting for paint to dry is... boring, time consuming, dull, something we all have to do, but a 16 hour drying time before a re-coat!? Unbelievable! 2 coats of MDF primer and 2 Coats of black Chalkboard paint and now have to wait another 24 hours till I can used it!! That's a whole 66 hours of drying time! Crazy. But it means my MDF has gone from a big, brown, boring square to an amazing hand painted chalkboard painted square ha! Fun!