Sunday, December 4, 2011

Project: Pallet Frame Complete

66 Hours of chalkboard drying time, 44 timber screws, 4 nails, 1 pallet (with lots of left over wood) 1 MDF board, and 4 drawer knobs later...

I was going to get some lovely outdoor photos with the sunshine... but it's raining! Oh well.

I love the wood grain details showing through

Here is where she will live.

The chalkboard I have plans for a running shopping list, family reminders, To- Do lists.

The knobs I plan on making a little bag for extra chalk to hang on there

Milla got up this morning and saw it, "oh, mummy... it's brilliant" she says- How to melt my heart! She's 3 and she already loves Newly Antique projects. She grabbed her pink stool and tried to reach it, but it was too high yay! Can you guess what kind of project will be next? Yup. A Mini version for the Kids. Bring on 66 more hours of paint drying 44 screws and 4 nails!!... maybe it might need a little less?