Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pallet Wood Jewellery Holder

I am still in love with the pallet wood, I love the potential of it, and I love that it's free so it suits my budget just perfectly, ha! I had a few planks left over from the original project frame that I did and a few too many necklaces that get all tangled when I put them in a box. I hate trying to untangle them, I would much rather just grab them easily throw them on and walk out. Guess this means one thing! It's new project time. So here's what I made: 

Pallet Wood Jewellery Holder

How-To make a Pallet Wood Jewellery Holder.
  1. Saw off as much wood as desired. I didn't want it too long because I wanted to hang it in my wardrobe without taking up too much space.
  2. Sand smooth and Paint Vivid White. Leave over night to dry. Once dry sand back the vivid white to desired distress look.
  3. Measure equal distances and pre-drill holes for drawer knobs (which I also painted Vivid white and then distressed). Fit knobs.
  4. Trace/stencil on Letters, Paint Nimbus grey. Once the paint is dry, lightly distress. 
  5. Attach Picture hanging hooks/triangles to the back (I used 10kg ones)
  6. Hang it up somewhere stunning!

Do you like my butterfly? This is my stamp for the time being, until I make my own.


This is my Chandelier! If you follow my twitter, you would have heard that my husband gave me this for my birthday. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine getting it! It was a beautiful surprise.

I am so in love with it!!!