Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Monogram Table deco

Now that all the Christmas presents are all given, I can post about some of the little things I made lately to give as gifts. This particular project I have hinted to in a few other posts. The Alphabet stencil was done just for this project (and I may have lied about the M for Milla hahaha!!!)

Monogram Table Deco from Pallet Wood 

Saw one full length pallet wood into 4 equal lengths and one smaller
(There is probably an easier way to do this but this really was trial and error)
Drill holes level to each other on the inside side of 2 pieces of wood. Connect the drilled holes with a piece of dowl and a bit of wood glue. 2 dowls between each connection (8 in total- I know awesome math skills right!?) 
Repeat till all 5 pieces of wood are connected  

Now I'm sure there's definitely, undeniably, excessively, a better way to do this, BUT anyways. If you know- let me know! I drilled holes to about 2 cm deep everywhere on the top of the two tall towers. Then chiseled out the wood to make 2cm deep squares on either side. 

Sand all the sides and edges smooth (as pallet wood tends to be pretty rough.)
Paint the whole thing Vivid White, once dry sand it back as much as desired
Alphabet stencilled on a M & H for my in-laws initials. 

Filled in the carved out tops with candles

Ta-Daa a Personalised Monogram Table Decoration**

I love it, and its something a little more personal and sweat and tears and tantrums and heart felt


**Just so you know I have severely warned them that this "Candle" is purely for decoration value only- Do not Light!! Or if they do, be in front of it at all times. It has not been flame proofed in any way. 

Please note: If you do make candles from internet designs or copy this design.... To make this a functional candle do your research on how to make it more flame proof OK!!! 
I thought possibly It would be worth cutting the wicks really low or coating them in a flame retarder/blocker

Use Wisdom!