Saturday, December 3, 2011

A love of hardware shops.

I have a confession. I love hardware shops. I know shock! I find them as refreshing as new stationary, a cute Photo shoot location and a beautiful spring breeze under a huge evergreen with Chocolate cake. I discovered a new Hardware shop, even bigger than the one I normally go to. So I dropped David and the kids off at the playground and cafe and had a wander. 

There are several things that I love about having a wander... but one of the best is the obscure looks I get from all the fellas people (gotta be politically correct) walking past as I choose which timber screws I want up against my samples of wood. Yes, it's ok, I'm not lost, I choose to be here and I love it!

Does your Saturday night lounge room floor look like mine? This Photo just screams "The kids are in bed" everything sharp and pointy and non-childproof is out on the floor.  Picture hooks and wire, cutting screws, drilling holes... yup just a regular Saturday night in front of the TV. 


Ok, ok! I know what you're here to see....
Sneak peek!

The Pallet Wood Project is done and hanging... but unfortunately the lighting is not great to show it's yumminess so....

Bring on tomorrows sunshine and better photos!!!