Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's Our Anniversary

I'm so grateful he asked.
I'm so blessed he said yes.

6 years ago on the 12th of December I had the privilege of dressing up in the most beautiful princess dress, it swished delicately from side to side, I remember it because I stood in front of the long hallway mirrors for ages just thinking "oh my!" swish, swish, swish. Why not!? Ha! My beautiful best Girlfriends in front of me and a long white train that followed me down the isle to meet the most handsome young man (no I'm not bias, it's true!). Heart pounding!

I honesty would have married him the day I met him... except we were still in high school. But that small fact aside, I totally would have! It took 4 years before we said I do. boo Finish high school, finish college: YAY! Wedding!!! Did I also mention I married him on my 21st birthday? well I totally did! Best birthday present ever. I love the fact that on the day that I celebrate me (and my mums amazing effort to have me) I get to celebrate Us. 

I'm partnered with a great man who believes in me and loves me (and my blog). 

David I love you xx. Always have, always will.