Friday, December 16, 2011

Car iPad Holder Complete

Just in time for our little road trip I have competed the iPad holder. (Skip back a post if you want to see the bare bones of this holder.) I think I have solved the issues I had from yesterday and made a few minor adjustments to make it more like what I want... a cute iPad holder. Yes Polka dots do make everything better and cuter!
Foam to make the edges soft

Polka Dots! really? Yes. Cause they are awesome!
Oh and I stuck and eraser to the to of the Z as a little buffer to the ceiling (no scratches!!Yay)

Here she is!!

Po, po, po, po, polka DOT! and an elastic strap at the top

Complete with smudgy toddler finger prints, fully functional iPad holder!

Sexy side view

Big ted will love watching a million episodes of Playschool with Milla

 Millions of Polka Dots coming your way!  9 Sleeps till Christmas!!!