Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Internet doesn't want to play

I'm sorry, the Internet just doesn't want to play. I'm not sure whats wrong or how to fix it. I think it's in need of a time out or a glitter "calm down time" snow globe (have you seen that on Pinterest?) That is one area I put my hands in the air and yell "help me dear husband!!!!" 

I have been trying for hours to load photos and it is just refusing or loading a blank square. How is a Blank square helpful??!! Oh well. I will try again tomorrow.

Until then, Come play my riddle game.

There once was a man named Nutter
Who really liked Peanut butter,
His wife was unimpressed
while the dog was depressed.
That funny old man named Nutter 

Here's the rules of my riddle game:
1. Get a friend to pick a word, or pick an item at random, mine was peanut butter. 
2. The first two lines rhyme,
3. The second two lines rhyme
4. The last line is virtually the same as the first. 
5. Yours can be ............. "Chair" 

Feel free post it to comments below OR email me your riddle to I'll post the best one!

Helpful hints: Don't think too deep, type the first thing that comes to mind. 
                       There is no right answer or wrong answer. So don't stress. Make it up!

P.S my husband hates this game but I make him play ;-) 'There was an old man named chair,
who really had too much hair...' and then I say 'finish the riddle babe' ha!